About us

War report: declarations and goals
Initiating War Reports website has been an endeavor of a group of independent Iranians, to pursue our least moral and humanistic responsibilities concerning one of the most catastrophic humanitarian crisis of 21st century that has been occurring in Syria.
We, a group of independent Iranians, initiated War Reports website in an effort to fulfill the least of our moral and human duties with respect to one of the most catastrophic humanitarian crises of 21st century that has been taking place in Syria.

From our point of view, many regional countries and global powers have been involved in Syria’s crisis and its prolongation. Among the others, Islamic Republic of Iran as the main supporter of Assad’s regime has played a key role in this crisis. Thus, we believe every Iranian bears some responsibility for the destructive role of Iranian government.  We believe even if the majority of Iranians and the civil society stay silent about the destructive role of Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria’s crisis, this does not exempt us from our moral obligations.  Thus, we do our best to report the misery of Syrians during the war, while our focal point is on the role of Islamic Republic of Iran in this war and the adverse consequences of their involvements.

Since Syria’s crisis is the worst humanitarian crisis in contemporary history, we as Iranians who oppose illegitimate military intervention, put our limited assets and energy into reflecting and reporting the utter suffering and pains of Syrians as well as dimensions of Iran’s intervention. Focusing on Iran’s role does not, however, imply that we do not recognize the role of the other countries in this crisis.

In recent years, as the Middle East has become the scene of proxy wars, and state and non-state terrorism have massacred hundreds of civilians in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other countries, we, while being seriously concerned about basic human rights of people affected by wars, believe that no crime can legitimize other crimes in return. And, any violation of human rights by an individual, a group or a government should not be considered an excuse for a similar crime by a counterpart.

Methodology: news validation and reliability evaluation

Our primary concern in news coverage is about the credibility of the news and their sources. So, we defined a multi-stage mechanism for searching and evaluating the credibility and reliability of the news we report. In our effort to reflect the facts, we have tried not to get trapped by the propaganda of any group having a stake in this conflict. Instead, we rely on first hand sources such as on the ground charities, relief agencies, hospitals, activists and so forth. Therefore, our news and reports have been produced based on reliable sources. Nonetheless, producing comprehensive news and reports is a time consuming process and thus, it hinders us to cover all and every aspects of the war and meet all demands of our audiences.

War news coverage

Due to our limited resources and capacity, unfortunately, we are unable to provide a full coverage of all details of the war in Syria. While we are very skeptical about the mainstream media coverage of the war, we put all our efforts to cover, report, and produce materials on incidents that are not reflected in official or non-official Persian language media.

It is almost impossible to understand the civil war in Syria without paying attention to Iraq and Iran’s role in Iraq.  Consequently, we cover news about Iraq as well. Nonetheless, considering that a so-called elected government exists in Iraq, in addition to the fact that the focus of international media and global powers has been on elimination of ISIS in Iraq, , we have recently prioritized coverage of news on Syria over Iraq.

Moreover, in view  of the considerable role played by the militias from Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon and especially Afghan refugee in Iran, who are under Iran’s command in the proxy war in Syria, we put an emphasis on having a thorough coverage of the activities of these militia groups. The coverage of news on the foreign fighters under Iran’s command is not limited to their activities in the battlefields but also includes other aspects such as how they are recruited, their rights and the consequences of their presence in the war.

Budgets and financial matters

War Reports  operates  as a stand-alone platform merely on a volunteer basis and without any form of financial support from any party

From the first day, we have put all our efforts to actively provide a comprehensive coverage of the war by putting together original reports, translation of other reliable documents, producing maps, charts and providing novel images and videos to offer a better image and understanding of this catastrophic war to our audiences.

The main asset of this media entity is our readers and audience who have stayed with us through to the years.

Domain of our activities concerning coverage of the civil war

We have a neutral stance toward all stakeholders in the war and do not endorse or support any group or party. Our main goal is to cover those humanitarian aspects of the war which have been overlooked by the dominant and mainstream media:

– To cover the systematic harms to civilians by publishing reports which are not reflected in the Persian-language media.

– To cover the activities of relief groups which scarify themselves to help the civilians.

– To cover the war victims: a generation who have been forced to the war for the sake of freedom and democracy in future

–  To cover the efforts of political activists from all over the world who try to put pressure on global communities and governments to take actions for ending this war and the genocide.

– On the one hand, to reflect those voices that are against the illegitimate interference of Iran in the war and, on the other hand, to attract public’s attention to the consequences of Iran’s actions of in Syria.

In summary, our main goal is to support any effort that aims to decrease the pains and harms to the Syrian people and leads to perpetrators of this humanitarian tragedy to be brought to justice.

We trust finally justice will prevail!